Not for the Church

I’m going to go ahead and let you know this post is not for the church. This is for mankind as a whole. I have set for so long and allowed myself to be boxed into the four walls of the congregation that I attended and sometimes led. Here’s to change.

The greatest folly of man is to think we are so different and that we don’t need each other. We have been told the greatest lie that republicans don’t need democrats. That black people don’t need white people. That women don’t need men. It is absolutely insane to believe that one human being can continue a filling life without another. Especially the humans that we disagree with. I’m tired of sitting by the wayside while we continue to be blinded and lied to by this world system. 

The Word of God tells us that this world is blinding these people. We have been lulled asleep and we don’t even know it. We have been blinded for so long that we can not perceive night and day. Therefore we sleep when we should be awake and we are restless when we should be resting. Listen we need honor and respect in these days. 

Our differences make this place a beautiful blanket. Our lives are so intertwined amongst each other. So do not know where we got off track but I refuse to sit at the wayside and be placed back asleep again. Listen let one corner of that blanket be set ablaze and we will all burn. We may think it’s funny at first until it pours over into our homes. 

I want to scream from the roof top for people to “WAKE UP”! Help us Lord!!!

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