By Which We Cry Out

My heart continues to be heavy about the situations that our country face. As a man I continue to seek the heart of my Heavenly Father and ask for his desired path of reconciliation and healing. He has continued to be faithful to answer when his children pose questions to this worlds issues. 

As I gaze at the word and this world I can not but help find a correlation between what the world needs and what I can do about it. The bible tells us that Jesus came to break the chains that bind us. It tells us that Jesus came not to condemn the world for it is already condemned. He came that we may have life. 

In the Pauls letter to the Romans he tells them that they have many teachers but not many fathers. I have worked and volunteered in many different organizations including churches. The one thing that I continue to notice is there are plenty people desiring to teach but very few desiring to be spiritual fathers and mothers. 

As I continued in prayer I realized what I could do. I realized that I can be a spiritual father to someone. I know I can love sons and daughters right where they are. I can love them when they feel so unlovable. I can bless them when they feel so far away. It’s that what all these marches and rallies about? Sons and daughters who what to be loved and honored for who they are. They may not know it but the cry of their hearts is to be protected, loved, and given the ability to live a fruitful life. Isn’t that what we all want?

So You may be saying to yourself “Larry, How do you know this?”. Well because I was once in their shoes. The difference in my life Is someone did it for me. Someone stopped being my teacher and leader and became my spiritual mother and father. Someone loved me as their own and loved me when I felt so unloveable. Someone blessed me when I didn’t deserve it. Since someone did it for me I can in turn do it for someone else.

So what’s the the difference between fathers and teachers? Glad you asked.

  1. Teachers and Leaders translate ideas. Fathers not only translate but watches over as those ideas and their effects are implemented. 
  2. Teachers and Leaders disciplines to stop behaviors. Fathers discipline to see hearts revealed. Teachers deal with actions. Fathers deal with the desires and thought processes behind actions.
  3. Teachers and Leaders talks about better places. Fathers walk with children into better places. 
  4. Teachers and Leaders stay connected during the good times but Fathers stay connected when it is all falling apart. 
  5. Teachers seek the betterment of themselves and their organization. Fathers seek the betterment of the family. 
  6. Teachers and Leaders teaches within buildings. Fathers connect within their homes and on their couches. 

Please hear me. I’m not saying that the leadership craze that the church has been in for many years is wrong. I’m not saying our leaning into grace is wrong. What I fear is we have continued to separate ourselves to the point that we can discuss ideas yet fall short to be responsible for those ideas in our sons and daughters. 

I pray that we will lean into the Spirit of Adoption that Jesus gave us by which we can all cry out “Abba Father”. For this is the cry that moves the heart and kingdom of God. The word tells us that God leans into the cry of the broken. When we cry out Abba Father the God of Heaven moves on our behalf. 

I fear that so many have been led when they should have been loved. They have been taught from pulpits when they should have been pulled close and talked to man to man or woman to woman. This generation is crying out for spiritual fathers and mothers. May we who have ears to hear so that we may be compelled but the spirit of adoption that dwells within us to break these chains of fear. So much fear runs rampant in our community. Father has already given us the answer. It has always been, is, and will be Jesus through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Join me as I cry out “Abba Father”. Raise up fathers and mothers who will adopt sons and daughters. Leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and issues about this post. Join Me

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