Where May Wisdom Be Found?

I sat at my table today pondering this question. Where may wisdom be found? Many would say it’s found in a classroom. Some would say it’s found in books. Others would say it’s found in conversations with wise people. I would say differently.

I would say it’s found in the mundane and consistent moments of life.

It’s putting off laziness and foolishness to come to that classroom day in and day out to finish what you started.

I would say it’s closing off the world to finish then book in the the waining hours of the day.

I would say it’s rising early to wipe sleep from your eyes to sit and talk with the old man as he prepares to start his day.

Wisdom is found when one strips his own pride and comfort to find that which eludes him.

Wherever you find this man or this woman and no matter their stature, social economic status, or intellect and I’ll tell you there you will find WISDOM.

Join me as I look for her as well!!!

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