Life Returns What We Give

At some point in life I learned that life gives back what you put in. Therefore I continue to put out what I truly desire from life. One of the hardest lessons to learn was to release those I “expected” to give back to me as I gave to them. One of the sweetest lesson was to watch those I had little expectation of give the greatest back to my life. Life truly is a field.

You are given only a certain size to steward. Now some of us are born with a field prepared, cleared out, and ready to prosper. While others are born with fields covered in weeds, toxic waste, and thorns. No matter the field you are given it is ultimately your responsibility for what your field will eventually give back to you. Want a good life? Clear your field, steward it well, for from it flows your life. It will eventually give back to you what you put it in.

People will throw trash, weeds, and rocks into your field. They will leave those things behind never thinking about what they did not how they made you feel. It is ultimately your responsibility to pick up the trash, pull up the weeds, and remove the boulders that life puts in our field. It is up to you to expand and protect your field.

Today I choose to steward well my field of life. No matter if or when anyone comes to help me with mine. I will clean out my field so that I may steward well what was given to me. In turn I will be able to give from the abundance of my life and not the lack. I can’t help you with yours if mine is sick and withered. So fight, pull up the weeds, clean up the trash, and plant good seeds if you desire a good life. It’s up to you!!!

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